MEGA Auto Spa


Our Flex-Serve operation incorporates an Express-Exterior, Full-Service detail operation and free self vacuuming

Welcome to Our Interactive Tour!

About our Operations

We are a Flex-Serve operation which incorporates an Express-Exterior, a Full-Service detail operation and free self vacuuming into one property. This combination provides you with three options:

  1. to utilize the wash tunnel and leave
  2. use the wash tunnel and free self-serve vacuums
  3. use the wash tunnel and pull around to our interior detailing center where we will detail your car...

Mega Auto Spa has two automatic tellers which greet you by offering exterior and interior packages. Once you have placed your order, the gate will open and an attendant will guide you into the conveyor. Here a sign will instruct you to roll up all windows, put the car in neutral, keep hands off the steering wheel and keep feet off the brake. You will remain in the vehicle through the wash tunnel

With interior detail packages, the customer can relax in the lobby area or exterior patio while the Mega Auto Spa team details you car