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Full Detailing

MEGA Auto Spa offers premier services to keep your car shining year round!

Full Detailing

To receive an estimate on full detailing, we will need to inspect the vehicle in person. Estimates will vary based on the size and condition of the vehicle. Matching the correct service with your expectations is extremely important to us. We want to ensure you receive the service you are looking for. Drop by one of our locations and ask for an estimate on full detailing. At this point management or a detailer will evaluate the vehicle and provide an estimate based on the services that are needed. Once you have a firm estimate on pricing, we will schedule an appointment.

Full detailing services include shampooing of cloth upholstery and carpeted floor, cleaning and treatment of leather seats, vinyl and all hard surfaces. For the exterior, we are fully equipped to clay bar, compound (with buffer), polish (with buffer), wax, headlight restoration, wheel polish and trim restore. (Exterior full details are offered at selected locations).

We have a state of the art wash tunnel which allows us to thoroughly and quickly wash the vehicle's exterior. When we do everything we can to the exterior, the vehicle will be passed through the wash tunnel up to 4 times in order to eliminate any cross contamination from compounds, polishes and waxes. We also have an indoor facility which allows us to work in a controlled environment. Detailing in the sun could potentially do more harm than good to the finish of the vehicle.

Our express detailing packages take us less than 1 hour to complete. We consider jobs that take over an hour full details. When receiving an estimate, we will discuss the time requirement to complete the work. When we do Shampooing on upholstery and the carpeted floor boards, we will strongly recommend you leave your vehicle with us over night in order to allow the carpet to fully dry. Once the carpet is fully dry, we will inspect and retreat problem areas if needed. On average our full details are 2 to 3 hours in duration. In certain cases details can take up to 3 days.